German Markets

Since joining Cube in 2017, Aran has focused his recruitment efforts on the IT and marketing space in Berlin. There, he provides exceptional services to both clients and candidates through his honest, consultative and proactive approach.

Celina Martin, Neofonie Mobile GmbH

"Aran is a great business partner, acting always very fast, professional and he is very dedicated to his work. He was providing very good candidates which we could successful hired at Neofonie Mobile GmbH. I really enjoyed the work with him, he is very helpful and delivers a high level of the work."

client: Celina Martin, Neofonie Mobile GmbH

"Aran is a committed and fantastically able professional, always looking to help. Personable and hardworking, he is great at leading a project in a timely manner. Working with him was easy and I felt supported. I am pleased to recommend him."

client: Noémie Huck Marketing Manager