Scott joined Cube in 2016 in a move he describes as one of the best career decisions he ever made. He finds helping professionals map out their career choices highly rewarding and enjoys learning as much as he can about his candidates’ aspirations in order to place them in their dream positions. Scott’s commitment to Cube, and his success among its clients and candidates, have fast-tracked him to the position of director of Cube Secure.

"Scott is a professional when it comes to helping you find your next dream role. He'll look into the best interests of both you and your prospective employer. He's straightforward with his communication and doesn't let your recruitment process be stuck in limbo. He positively changed my perception of recruiters and headhunters."

candidate: Zain U., Senior Software Engineer at Yeay

"Scott Hastings is an excellent recruiter who has been very supportive throughout my job hunting process. Thanks to him I successfully landed a job at Templafy. In this context, not only did he mediate communication with the company, but he also handled all organisational aspects, making the application process effortless. His patience, intuition and perfect timing became apparent from the first moment he presented the desirable opportunity at Templafy. Scott’s friendly approach and lively personality stood out as an immediate advantage in his field as he thoroughly guided me before each interview, set up the expectations and informed me of what I should prepare. Overall, I had a positive experience working with Scott Hasting, and I can wholeheartedly recommend him to any candidate looking for new challenges."

candidate: Cristiana Man, Full-stack Developer at Templafy